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We have space, facilities and resources to provide a full overhaul of all major components from power generation equipment, part reconditioning,  On-site or off-site generator services.

Management & Design

Our knowledge has been gained through many years of experience of Naval engineering and heavy industrial manufacturing and construction which are sectors renowned for meticulous planning, attention to detail and efficiently completing task whatever is needed with professionalism and integrity.

We take safety seriously along with quality and our impact on the environment. 



Our skilled and resourceful fabricators are experienced in the manufacture of innovative systems built in house and on-site fabrication processes that are part of large projects that we are involved with. Coded Welders and strong procedures allow us to turn our quality and safe work time after time.


Our pipework solutions range from commercial and industrial gas pipework such as PE, Mild steel or stainless steel. 

We employ all modern jointing methods such as press, mechanical, fusion, welded and screwed. 

We provided pipework suitable for gaseous fuels, liquid fuels, and food-grade media. Vacuum pipework, chimney and exhaust systems.

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