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Comfort cooling

We provide our new and existing customers with 24 hours, 7-day reactive services for those unexpected events. Our comfort cooling services are for building operators and managers where the cooling systems are a large part of the buildings total infrastructure.

To prevent the need for the reactive services we meticulously plan and deliver robust provide planned maintenance services



We provide services for chillers of all types and cooling systems integrated into buildings or stand-alone specialist cooling application used in warehousing or heavy industry

Our management system tracks assets every step of the way from the installation date, regular maintenance requirements, warranty expiry to replacement. We embed into our client's operations seamlessly and offer background support 24.7

Compliance & Service

Our customer relationship management (CRM) software allows us to; accurately track and report on every part of our contractual requirements. The in-depth asset tracking software allows us to maintain a high level of transparency and accountability at all times to our customers that we believe, is the key when forging strong customer relationships.

Our Job management software allows us to build robust reports to meet relevant environmental, legislative and regulatory requirements. 

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